The Split Decisions Blog

Split Decisions deals with divorce as it really is — not just a lawsuit, but a lifestyle. Whether you’re separating or divorced, or have someone in your life who is, our show’s goal is to inform, entertain, and most of all, support your Split Decisions.

Host and cooperative divorce Attorney Erika Englund, together with her co-hosts, family law specialists at Forester Purcell Stowell, and nationally known divorce professional guests bring expertise, opinions, advice, and the personal experiences of divorce. Now, we are excited to announce that we have gathered highlights from each show in a blog that will be featured on our website, Facebook, and Twitter.  We’ll feature key points and tips, radio show guest information, and resource links.  So if you don’t have an hour to listen to the show (and we hope you do, because it’s great), you can skim the wisdom in a five-minute read.

Our 2016 shows were recorded live and can be found in full on the Show Archives page. It’s your #divorcelife. Make it a good one.

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